Mobile Happy Hour App
Project Overview
Hour is a mobile application that allows users to find happy hour deals organized by day of the week based on their current location.
Project Details
Timeframe: 2 weeks
Team Size: 2 people
My Focus: UX/UI design
Tools: Miro, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Trello
User Research
Google Surveys and In-Person Interviews
Hour began as a challenge. A challenge to create an app that would help people who are traveling save money but not miss out on authentic and local experiences.

Tasked with this challenge, our group set out to conduct user research to learn more about the issue and our end users. By utilizing google surveys and in-person user interviews, we were able to narrow down our scope and determine that one way people love to save money when traveling is by attending happy hours. It also stood out that solo travelers especially loved to utilize these events to explore more local cuisine and meet fellow travelers and locals to explore a new city with.

One of the most recurring issues our interviews reiterated was the difficulty people face with determining which happy hours are happening TODAY. Often our users would head to Google and type in "happy hours" and be bombarded with articles of top local happy hours with no quick indication of whether or not those events were even happening today. Thus, display by day of week became one of our priority features.
Survey Results from our Google Survey
Pulled User Survey Quotes
Our research and user surveys led to the development of a User Persona, Morgan.
Sketches, Wireframes, and Mockups
After conducting our research and establishing a user persona, we began sketching mockups of our application, converting those sketches into Lo-Fi Wireframes, user testing those wireframes and iterating on our designs before committing to anything with more high fidelity.

A style guide was created to establish design principles before moving into Hi-Fi Mockups and Final prototypes.
Lo-Fi Wireframes were developed for User Testing
User Testing of our prototype was conducted and the design iterated from feedback.
Hi-Fi Mockups
High Fidelity Mockups for User Testing
In the end we came up with a simple user interface that allowed for the user to filter happy hours by day of the week, this was one of the most important pieces of feedback from our users as many times happy hours would only show up based on popularity but the user would have to dig in further the find out what day of the week the happy hour was applicable.

Users have the ability to filter by food and drink types, sort by pricing, save happy hours to their favorites tab and share happy hours with other users.

High-Fi Gif

High-Fi Mockup