ABC Home & Commercial Services

UX Design & Implementation
Project Overview
Beginning in 2016, ABC Home & Commercial Services, a home services company with 18 separate service lines for homes and businesses began to convert their desktop and mobile software to Evolve from a previously used software, Pestpac. This would be a software conversion for over 800 active employees in 4 cities for field and office staff.
My Role
Over the past 3+ years I have been tasked with designing and coordinating the ux flows and systems our field staff use out in the field on their iOS devices. This entailed mapping out the unique Pestpac workflows of each of our 18 departments (plumbing, pest control, HVAC, Pool, etc) as each department had unique workflows and requirements for their technician's needs.

I performed this in a variety of ways, many days of riding along with technicians from all of our departments in the field and documenting their processes as they worked as well as interviewing them about their pain points, user flows, and things they would like to see in our new handheld software, Evolve.

Once documented I would draft up requirements for iOS development from our partners at Evolve and their development teams. Coordinating with Evolve throughout this process has been key and turning technical ABC terms into verbiage the developers will understand is critical and vis versa.

The Evolve team sends back proposed statements of work that I review with our teams for approval. Once approved, development begins and Beta versions of the new iOS features are handed my way. With the new Beta versions in hand I begin my own user testing to ensure the new features are working as intended and often do ride alongs and push the Beta app to test users for further confirmation of developed features.

Once the new features are approved, a rollout is coordinated with myself, Evolve, and the applicable department. I often hold in-person trainings or since often times our rollouts are for multiple branches in multiple cities I make training videos to distribute to our branches if needed, highlighting the usage of our new features or make handouts with step by step guides on how to best use the new feature.

On the day of rollout I am on standby with iOS support for the technicians, where I am able to emulate their sessions and walk them through any issues or confusion they may have while out in the field. I coordinate the reporting of programming issues with Evolve developers for quick fixes if anything arises.